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Canoe Hecht

The classic "Indian canoe", also called "Canadian". Elegant, very light, super easy to paddle. Suitable for rivers and lakes.

This canoe was designed by my friends Steve and Dan of the canoe building company „Orca Adventures“ in the Lake District, England. There it is called "Lakelander". If you live in or close by the UK, I recommend you book your canoe course for the "Lakelander" at "Orca Adventures".

The design came from the experience of building hundreds of canoes since 1985. The pike is 4,5m long and almost 1m wide. Elegantly cut, it is stable in the water, has a large load capacity and weighs just about 20kg.

I have been using this canoe for many years now and it has carried me safely across all waters on many a canoeing trip in Sweden.

Canoe data for the Hecht.

  • Length: 4,5m
  • Width: 95cm
  • Height in the middle: 30cm
  • Height at bow and stern: 60cm
  • Weight: 20kg