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Canoe Aal

Based on the dugout canoes used for thousands of years, this is a very light, slender flat-bottomed canoe. It is very maneuverable, so it is ideal for winding streams and rivers, but even suitable on lakes.

I have used it on the rivers and lakes of Sweden as well as on German rivers. Because of the slim design, it is fast, but you should be able to keep a good balance. Experienced paddlers will have fun with it. Beginners need some practice to be able to go straight with the maneuverable canoe.

In Namibia I paddled over 800km on the Okavango River with my Aal. I escaped all hippos and crocodiles, along with the heavy expedition equipment, and managed to master all the small rapids. So it is an excellent, fast canoe, even under heavy load.

Canoe data for the Aal

  • Length: 4,75m
  • Width: 85cm
  • Height in the middle: 28cm
  • Height at bow and stern: 52cm
  • Weight: 25kg