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Build you own canoe with Kanubau Nord

We build the canoes from light material so that they can be carried by one or two people. They also fit on the roof of a car. The body of the boat and the seats are made of waterproof glued plywood, everything else is made of solid wood. All seams are glued with high quality epoxy resin and fiberglass strips. This gives very light and stable canoes, which are suitable for tours on lakes and rivers. I also use them for fishing and relaxing.

All canoes are equipped with two seats and are designed for one to two people with luggage. Without luggage, one or two children can also fit in.

Each canoe comes with two ready-made, beautiful wooden paddles so you can sail right away.

The courses are suitable for individuals as well as for small groups. You don't need any experience in wood craft as the procedures are very simple. Feel free to bring friends or family to help and make a vacation out of it. It doesn't cost extra.

The canoes are coated with a layer of colorless epoxy resin and are ready to go. If you want to paint your canoe, you are welcome to bring paints and your own design.

We always have tea and coffee for free. Please bring your own food and other drinks.

The courses take place in Loit between Süderbrarup and Schleswig, North Germany.

Accommodation is available in the area. If you want to camp on our grounds, you are welcome to do so. A small fee of about 7 or 8 € per night and person will be charged.

You can choose 4 different types of canoes

  • Canoe Aal

    Based on the dugout canoes used for thousands of years, this is a very light, slender flat-bottomed canoe. It is very maneuverable, therefore ideal for winding streams and rivers, but even suitable on lakes.

  • Canoe Hecht

    The classic, a typical "Indian canoe", also called "Canadian". Elegant, very light, super easy to paddle. Suitable for rivers and lakes.

  • Canoe Lachs

    A canoe that has proven itself even on large lakes in strong winds with quite a bit of swell. Somewhat higher built than the "Hecht" and equipped with a continuous keel bar, it can also be sailed.

  • Canoe Schwertfisch

    An elegant, fast canoe with a flat bottom and a large, continuous keel bar, suitable for long distances on lakes or rivers, but also for a summer Sunday outing with a picnic basket and your loved ones. It is also good for sailing.